Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms PayPal One-time Fee

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Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms PayPal One-time Fee

Gravity Forms PayPal One-time Fee

What does that do?

The One-time Fee perk allows thou in imitation of conjoin a one-time rate in imitation of the advance charge regarding a PayPal Standard subscription. For example, let’s oration you’re signing users upon for a web hosting bundle but necessity after value to them a setup rate of the initial payment. That is now possible with the One-time Fee perk!

How does that work?

PayPal Standard does not help a one-time fee on subscriptions natively; however, it does help a analysis period. This perk utilizes the trial duration performance in accordance with assume a one-time charge thinking because PayPal Standard subscriptions.

Unfortunately, this skill proviso ye need a experiment period and a one-time fee, this perk wish not provide as functionality because you. Once you’ve activated the one-time fee, the analysis duration options choice stand handicapped concerning the PayPal feed.

There are some strong combos so much execute show up along the One-time Fee and Recurring Amount options. Here is a listing about this combos and how many they are processed.

  • If the One-time Fee and the Recurring Amount options are each set in imitation of production fields, the totals wish stand delivered collectively because the forward price or the volume of the Recurring Amount field choice keep aged for the levy amount.
  • First Payment = Recurring Amount (RA) + One-time Fee (OTF)
  • Subscription = RA
  • If the One-time Fee option is employ in imitation of “Form Total” and the Recurring Amount option is put in after a manufacture field, the shape amount wish remain embark namely the advance price yet the Recurring Amount field wish keep chronic for the moon amount.
  • First Payment = Form Total
  • Subscription = RA
  • If the One-time Fee option is employ in imitation of a manufacture field or the Recurring Amount option is engage in conformity with “Form Total”, the structure total choice be usage as the first charge then the moon quantity pleasure lie accept as much the form total minus the aggregation of the One-time Fee product area amount.
  • First Payment = Form Total
  • Subscription = Form Total – OTF

How slave I enable this functionality?

This perk gives a reachable UI because managing the one-time rate because of PayPal Standard subscriptions. This documentation assumes thou have meanwhile set up the Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard add-on. If so, comply with the steps below after set off it performance regarding a GF PayPal Standard protractor feed. These steps are written because of creating a modern eat yet making use of the one-time fee; however, ye may additionally apply a one-time fee according to current subscription feeds.

  1. Select the “PayPal” bill item below the “Forms” menu portion among thine WordPress admin.
  2. Click the “Add New” button next to the web page title.
  3. Configure the non-existence settings for it eat as required.

Please note: You should pick “Subscriptions” as like the Transaction Type. This performance does no longer employment along some sordid traffic type.

  1. Scroll below in conformity with the bottom concerning the dine choices or intention consult a instant alternative titled “Perk: One-time Fee” without delay upstairs the “PayPal Condition” option. Next after that label ye pleasure locate a decrease under together with a listing over manufacture fields then a different choice because “Form Total”. Select the production (or structure total) as should remain billed as a one-time fee.
  2. Click the “Save” button to originate thy feed.


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